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3 ingredient Arepas

3 ingredient Arepas


With Vegan Perico 

Arepas are one of my favorite foods and so to my children, this makes me very happy because this is a way to passdown some of my Colombian traditions  . The Arepa is one the most popular foods in Colombia. They’re served in almost every home and can be the equivalent of tortillas in Mexico or bread in France .  I think We ate arepas almost every single day growing up in Colombia! There are many  different versions of them .

I wanted to share a basic recipe , with just 3 ingredients .

This are "Arepas Rellenas " 

Which are a thicker version , great for various stuffings .



*2 cups harina pan( pre-cooked corn meal ) usually found at Latin-American Groceries.

*2 1/2 cups of water  

*1/2 tbs of Himalayan or Marine salt .



1-Combine harina pan , with 1 cup water ,mix with a spoon and let rest of a couple of minutes .

 2-Add nother 1/2 of water and knead with clean hands working  the dough for a couple of minutes to obtain the perfect consistency . (when dough is supple and smooth but not sticky )

3-Season dough to taste with salt .

4-Divide dough into 8pieces and roll into balls. 

5-Flatten balls with your palms to form small arepas like little pancakes .

5-Use a non-stick frypan over medium-low heat Add arepas and cook, moving them around the pan and rotating them occasionally, until first side is charred in spots and a dry crust has formed, (about 3-5 minutes)

6-Flip arepas and cook on second side until a dry crust has formed .

7-Pass the arepas to a grill , salamander or oven for another 2 mn .

(This allows you to easy open the arepas for easy stuffing )


For the Vegan "Perico"

Pericos are usually a popular breakfast  dish in Colombia and Venezuela , it's basically scrambled eggs with onions and  tomatoes in Colombia and plus bell pepper in Venezuela .

In this recipe I'm replacing the eggs for Aburagee (a short of fried tofu skin ) but you can use a firm tofu as well .

Refreshing detox water

Refreshing detox water

Sakura Inarizushi

Sakura Inarizushi