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Sakura Inarizushi

Sakura Inarizushi

Inarizushi is a kind of sushi or rice ball stuffed in seasoned Aburaage (which means oil fried ).  Tofu skin pockets .

Inarizushi is technically sushi, but it is not something you order at restaurants 

It is something usually found at supermarket delis but as we all know homemade is always the best . It is the perfect bite and casual food for picnics or lunch boxes because it’s best eaten right from your hand.

I love the right balance between the juicy sweet Aburaage and the salty/vinegary sushi rice .

Inarizushi is pretty easy to prepare, all you do is fill seasoned abura-age (fried bean curd) with sushi rice flavored with sweet rice vinegar.

I made a variation using my Sakura rice leftover from a previous dinner  , but you can do it with vinegary sushi rice instead too .

Here is a basic recipe with sushi rice , after you can play around adding different kind of pickles and/or veggies like mushrooms , carrots etc .


Ingredients  (Makes about 8 pieces)

For the sushi rice

*1 1/2 cups cooked sushi rice

*1/4 cup rice vinegar

*2 tablespoons white sesame seeds


For the Aburaage ( tofu skin pockets)

*2 Tablespoons sugar ( I'm using coconut sugar as a Low glycemic sweetener , you can try maple sugar or other sweetener of your choice )

* 2 Tablespoon of coconut sugar 

*2 Tablespoon of good quality Soja sauce (preferably organic )



  1. Cut one side of each aburaage  (Sometimes you can find them ready cut ) Carefully open each aburaage to make a pouch.
  2. Place water, soy sauce, sugar  in a pot and boil at medium heat then add the aburaage, simmer for 5-7  minutes with in medium heat then covered another 2 minutes in slow heat and let cool.
  3. Lightly squeeze extra liquid .
  4. Mix sushi rice with vinegar , sesame and a pinch of salt .
  5. stuff seasoned rice in each of the tofu pockets .


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