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Basic Cashew cream

 Cashew Cream 

A wonderful and(soy-free!) alternative to heavy cream that can be used to thicken soups , risottos ,  good for pasta base .

the sweet version as topping for fresh fruits , good in smoothies . It also make very good dairy free base for ice cream, chocolate mousse or cakes .





Basic Cashew Cream



1 cup raw cashews 

1 cup water, depending on how thick you want your cream 

Pinch of salt 


Soak the cashews in water over night or a minimum of 3 hours ( for a speedy recipe soak in hot water for 30 min )

Wash soaked cashews with clean water , drain and blend with clean water until very smooth

( best in a food processor, making sure to scrape down the sides occasionally or high speed blender ) add salt to finish .


 For a savory version you can add a little garlic or onion powder , fresh or dried herbs, etc. 

This recipe lasts 4-5 days in the fridge, or it can be frozen. Makes up to 1 1/2 cups cashew cream.

For a sweet version , add vanilla extract , maple syrup or any sweetener of your choice .




Lemongrass infused carrot and lentil cream

Lemongrass infused carrot and lentil cream

Another Raw Zuchiini "noodles"

Another Raw Zuchiini "noodles"