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Another Raw Zuchiini "noodles"

Another Raw Zuchiini "noodles"

Ultra healthy , Low calorie , Gluten free, full in dietary fiber , what more could we ask for ?

and it takes not more than 10 minutes to make .


2 medium size Zucchinis Spirilezed

2-3 good quality tomatoes 

1/2 cup of pinned nuts 

1/2 cup of extra virgen olive oil

a bunch of basil 

a bunch of parsley 

Himalayan salt and black pepper 


make the noodles with the help of a spirelizer , julienne peeler or as your convenience . 

in a food processor combine pine nuts , oil , salt ,pepper , basil and parsley and pulse until smooth and desired consistence , toss with the  noodles .

serve with the tomatoes and basil leaves .

Enjoy .




Basic Cashew cream

Natural , quick , easy and much better "Nutella "

Natural , quick , easy and much better "Nutella "