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2 cups of precooked corn flour ( I used Harina P.A.N)
1 tsp of salt
1 tbsp olive oil or vegetable butter (for a vegan version )
2 cups of slightly warm water .

  • Place the 2 cups of water , the oil , and salt in a bowl ,and stir until the salt is completely dissolved , start Addind the flour by small quantities at at time to avoid unwanted lumps ,
  • Mix for a good couple of minutes , the dough should hold together . If it remains dry add a couple of spoons of water until desired consistency it should resembles a play dough texture .
  • For little pancakes like shapes about 80 -100 gr each and grill over a frypan .
  • If you want to stuff them , place the arepas in the oven after grilling for 3-5 mn
Sprouted lentil , white bean and barley stew

Sprouted lentil , white bean and barley stew

Vanilla flavored Almond Milk

Vanilla flavored Almond Milk